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YVO was founded by the Ahn Family in 2013 to help benefit the community by fostering a sense of responsibility and neighborly compassion in today’s youth. When the Ahn family went hiking in the mountains, they found that the area wasn’t prisitine, as it should be; instead, nature was polluted by trash. They started thinking of ways to help the environment and the future generations that should be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. Since the foundation of YVO, the Ahn Family and other YVO members have dedicated themselves not only to that initial vision of cleaning streets, parks, and hiking trails, but also to volunteer activities such as fundraising activities, and providing food and drink for the growing homeless population in downtown Los Angeles. Their work has touched the lives of many people, from those in need to the volunteers and their families. As long as the community needs volunteers, YVO will continue in 2019 and beyond.

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